Agree or disagree: money can’t buy happiness?

4 Ans

Answer 1. If money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy you a world-tour ticket, and that’s pretty close 😉
MeMili, June 28

Answer 2. Partially because, without Money you can’t buy happiness & without happiness you can’t earn Money
Manas, June 28

Answer 3. Agree but partially: Money can’t buy happiness…. But for exploring your dreams more you need to be financially set…. Coz sirfkhushi se pet nahibharta… paisebhihonazarurihai….
Anonymous, June 27

Answer 4. Yes, I do agree with the statement money can’t buy happiness.
Shreya, June 26


  1. Only money can buy happiness, if disagree see the movie “the pursuit of happyness”. I know I wrote it wrong but it should be happyness only. Without money you cant do anything, the only thing you need to do for the happyness is to manage the money in a wiser way so far as the personal and professional life is concerned


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